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Build a World

Whilst doing my latest major backup, I came across a post I once made to the ng alt.culture.anthropomorphics. Alas, it didn't stop the group from folding (though I suppose it may still be out there given the inability of alt.* to shed dead newsgroups), but I figured I might as well share it in here.

Just to make it easy, I'm going to use Earth as a starting point. After the death of the dinosaurs, the drastic lowering of the planetary temperature (current theory is Antarctica drifting into the southern polar region and altering the weather patterns may have done this) to the point where you get alternating ice ages and relatively warm eras, at one point certain dinosaur descendants abandoned flight in order to become larger and take up the same basic life their bipedal hunting ancestors led. The best known population of these lived in South America, and are known to paleontologists as "terror birds". Anyway, we have reason to believe some of the deinonychid dinosaurs of the Cretaceous might have been headed for intelligence - suppose the Terror Birds succeeded?

OK, here we are - Ornithiwhatsis sapiens, bipedal, feathered, arms re-evolved from wings, tailed, about 6' tall vertically though built rather more horizontal so more like 8 or so long. Carnivorous, beaked, ruler of all he surveys. Females are larger than males (ok, maybe that should be ruler of all *she* surveys). Possibly color sexual dimorphism as well. Do they flock or hunt singly? I'll let you decide that one. What sort of society do they build?

Start with JMS' favorite questions if you like:
Who are you?
What do you want?
Do you want fries with.. er Who do you serve?
Who do you trust?

Go for it!

What sort of civilization does it build?


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Sep. 28th, 2007 11:39 pm (UTC)
I like the icon.

That's a zombie. Made of spam, spam, spam, spam/Spam, spam, spam, spam... :)

Whereas those other two posts at least look like they're on topic for their ng. Amusing song (and alas all too true...)
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