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Book! Movie!

OK, already talked about the book (HP 7) in my previous post. Here, behind the lj cut are the comments on the movie (HP 5) as posted to my Greatest Journal this afternoon, when LJ was for some reason unavailable.

Finally saw HP and the Order of the Phoenix on Saturday. Good use of atmosphere, for one thing; the rapidly lowering cloud pursuing Harry and Dudley into the culvert was actually scarier than the dementors when they finally materialized. Heck, I think it was the scariest thing in the movie. Definitely including Voldie. Though to be sure Dark Lords are like movie monsters; they're a lot more sinister offstage*. Now Imelda Staunton's rendition of the loathsome (and aptly named) Dolores Umbridge, Barbie-pink Bureaucrat From Hell was spot on. I'd much rather deal with Voldemort.

The spectacular departure of Fred and George lived up to my expectations(as of, say one second after I'd read that scene in the book). LOVE that dragon-firework...

I was a bit annoyed with the big firefight between Dumbledore and Voldemort - it felt like the camera was always pointing the wrong way when something spiffy happened. I don't care WHO the bystanders are, guys, I think I can imagine their expressions myself. I wanna watch the wizard's duel!

Y'know, I think maybe the Ministry of Magic is just the least bit ambiguous about all those prophecies. Most folks would be more careful than that just storing light bulbs... Sure made a lovely crash on screen though (and think of all the lucky souls who will now never even KNOW about any annoying destinies they might otherwise be stuck with.)

In general I've felt the last three books could stand a certain amount of editing. At least in this case the way the edited version works out on screen, this seems to be the case. The whole "Snape forgets who's supposed to be the adult here" sequence, for example, was a LOT less clumsy.

Would anybody who's seen the IMAX version let me know if it's worth the trouble? I was supposed to be seeing that one, but the theater had technical troubles and I wound up getting passes to a non-IMAX showing instead. Didn't mind that much (hey, they refunded everything but the service fee so I got four seats for $6...)

*Darth Vader doesn't count even if he did get the title; it was Palpatine who was the functional DL for Star Wars.