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Pottering around

With Harry Potter and The Last Book, Really coming up, I decided to reread the entire series up to this point so as, among other things, to have a good idea of exactly what was in it and what wasn't (one must admit there's a lotta fanfic out there, and I've read some of it). Anyway, I just finished the penultimate volume, and I think I may owe J.K. Rowling a bit of an apology - it's not the disaster I thought it was first time around. I think I read it way too quickly and missed stuff. Yes, there are problems, notably those of most second-to-last books of a series which must begin somewhere well after the beginning and end with the runup to the next book rather than standing on their own. I've still got a few complaints: This collect the whole set business with the Horcruxes is a bit much - I hope the last book isn't too much of an inventory game. That luck potion has the air of something whipped up on the moment to solve a plot problem without reference to the effect it would have had on the previous books - or on wizarding society as a whole (difficult to make or not, who do we know who would probably have made up some long ago if not recently?). OTOH, she made good use of something I considered equally fortuitous in the last book this time around, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt until after I read the next one. Not the best of the lot by any means, but then in a way it's the first half of the ending of the story, not the whole thing.

I do have one question that will probably not be answered by the last book - is that RichandAmy impression Ron and Lavender were doing for a substantial portion of the book coincidental, or has J.K. Rowling been reading Zits? :)