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Good bye, Frank

On May 3, we lost Frank Gasperik. If you knew him I don't have to say anything else, if you didn't you might start with this short note, and follow the links. A gift for music, a delightful sense of humor and.. heck, Frank was the sort of friend you want and find all too seldom.

Did I mention his sense of humor? Well, amongst his last wishes, was that some of his ashes be incorporated into a statue of a gorilla with a clock in it, to be presented to the LASFS so that he would be forever "present, but not voting". Not being entirely sure of the reaction to this, the party charged with this task wrote to the LASFS asking if it was willing to receive this gift. Larry Niven read the message aloud at the meeting, which resulted in about the reaction anybody familiar with the LASFS might have expected, high points being the suggestion that we specify that the object be no more than five feet tall, or mention of the LASFS Spire (when we build it: currently there is a fund...) as the obvious place to put it. I have no doubt whatsoever that this was what Frank had had in mind when he made the bequest. One totally unexpected last gift of laughter. I am going to MISS that man!


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May. 13th, 2007 02:32 am (UTC)
My deepest sympathies on your loss...and a hearty belly-laugh at your report on his bequest and the resulting japery. Sounds like a man I truly missed out not having met. Anyone who can get Larry Niven to still like him despite being a goof-off employee must have been a real peach to know.
May. 13th, 2007 07:53 am (UTC)
Yeah, Frank was Good People even if a bit of a flake on occasions. Hell of a musician, too. I will always be glad I went to last year's Worldcon; evenings spent in the Fish Trap* with Leslie Fish, Frank, and various other people who are good to know and sing with will be a treasured part of my memories forever.

*aka the Sin Pit. Bob Clevenger and someone else (?) rented a smoking-allowed suite on the Party Floor to hold filksings in. Leslie dubbed it the Fish Trap for obvious reasons. :) It was a lovely suite, complete with such large glass doors that if I sat by an open one I (a non-smoker) could spend the whole evening there without being totally kippered.
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