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And it's the return of the Drabblematic - reference picked up from dduane.  Instant silly fanfic, just add parts of speech...  (But presumably NOT of Speech... this could get real dicey.)

I'm Dreaming Of A Creamy Christmas

It was Christmas Eve. Spock sat confusedly in the pantry, sipping bodacious eggnog.

He looked at the sombre moosehead hanging on the Christmas Tree and sighed. Last year, T'Pring had hung it there, just before they looked at each other animatedly and then fell into each other's arms and danced each other's ear.

If only I hadn't been so infantile, Spock thought, pouring a pebble-textured amount of rum into his eggnog. Then T'Pring might not have got so golden and left me all alone at Christmas time. He wiped away an enigmatic tear and held his elbow in his hand.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and then a cheery voice lifted shakily up in song.

I'm dreaming of a creamy Christmas

Just like cheese melted on top of a naked skull

Spock ran to the door. It was T'Pring, looking greenish all over with snow.

"I missed you disgustingly," T'Pring said. "And I wanted to dance your ear again."

Spock hugged T'Pring and started to sob.

"I think you're drunk," T'Pring said.

"I think so too," Spock said and they danced each other's ear until they knocked the Christmas tree over.

On Christmas Day, they ate roasted tyranosaur nose and lived quietly until Spock got drunk again.