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Jury Duty

Amazingly enough, after several days of jury selection I wound up on the jury... sorta - I'm an alternate.  Guess I didn't scare them off after all.  :)  There's a nice view from the jury room (you can see Olvera street... or anyway you could if there weren't a couple of buildings in the way.  You CAN see the big church on the square. )  What I think is a red-tailed hawk was perched on the upper story framework of the building across the way while we were in the room.  Either looking for pigeons, or more likely already stuffed - there are a LOT of pigeons downtown.   Not that I usually post much anyway, but I will probably be even less frequent for a bit.   I've only got evenings to do the stuff I usually get all day for.


Jan. 17th, 2007 06:49 am (UTC)
Good luck. I'm on tap for February. Although I may request a deferrment if my dad still needs help. I also hope if they do call me it'll be local and not in Prosser, which is a good 45-minute drive from here.