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Another weekend

Made this as a post to filkertom's journal, and figured I may as well echo it here.

Skipped helping inventory the LASFS library and going to a filk a fairish distance from home in favor of staying home Saturday and shamelessly vegging.

The Golds throw an annual mushroom feast somewhere vaguely within reaching distance of Bilbo Baggins' birthday -it happened today (Sunday). I brought three kinds of mushroom (Oyster,Shitaki and Portobello) shredded and cooked with rice in mirin, broth and soy sauce (real simple dish; you just bung the lot into the rice cooker with sufficient water, and leave it run.) Other people brought other mushrooms, and the Golds had a lot to begin with - by the time I left, stuffed to the eyebrows, yummy things were still emerging from the kitchen.

Came home in time to bring up Chatzilla and join in the memorial held by Frank Gasperik for Peggy; rather like a Kaddish over the internet. Worked out quite well. Now I'm sitting here typing as Nicolai watches 60 Minutes.