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I'm Baaaaack...

Though still recovering from the con. Partial report behind the cut.

This week also included my Mom's 82nd birthday party so the day after I drove home I had to drive back to Anaheim because Dad scheduled it in a restaurant on Katella just the other side of I-5 from the Convention Center. Dad told the rest of us to show up but didn't warn Mom, so it was a nice surprise.

I enjoyed Worldcon - my roommate figmo picked a room on the party floor right down the hall from the Chicago in 2008 party, which tended to have real food available when I needed it which is more, alas, than could be said for the Con Suite. But the latter was still a nice place to gather and the biggest con suite I've ever seen. The party floor of the Hilton was on the fifth floor, which has rooms arranged around patios, so that you could just wander around outside and pick out parties by the open doors and lights. I spent a lot of time in the "Sin Pit" - Bob Clevenger (and I think someone else) rented a smoking-allowed suite with plenty of interesting drinkables laid on, and put up a sign. It was dubbed "The Fish Trap" because Leslie spent most of her evenings therein, along with Frank Gasperik (who I hadn't seen in years) and other people who were fun to hang out with. Since it had an open sliding door to the patio, I was able to find a place to sit where I could enjoy (and contribute to) the music without being kippered (I don't smoke - or drink much either. I do, however, filk. :)). There were also some great filk circles in the Filk Wing in the evenings.

I didn't spend as much time in the filk regions as I expected to, though, because of the myriad other fun things to do; there were as usual far more interesting sounding panels given than I was able to go to, also there were a lot of really good exhibits in the exhibit hall, an art show so big I never did quite see all of it, and a nice big dealer's room. There were four filk dealers present: the Creaseys, the Ropers, Kathy Sands and Eric Gerds; I came away with a lot of CDs including Kathy's bawdy "Scaring the Sheep" which is a hoot. I got other stuff too, including my button for the con (Ooh, shiny!), and one of those programmable oblongs that spell out words in LEDs, which I set to "Purrrrrrrrr...." for the Dead Dog Pluto parties. Lots of books, of course. So nice to see a room with lots and lots of booksellers.

The first night, I went to the Babel Conference Ambassadorial Reception wearing my Techomancer garb, and, it being the easiest way to get close enough to various other costumes to take pictures wound up in the costume parade across the stage as people took snapshots. I had my camera to hand, so I went up there, twirled slowly to show off my Cape of Engineer Detecting, and then took a picture of the audience. (Or tried to - it didn't fire for some reason. But I got a nice big laugh which was the point of the exercise.) Now I have to look up some ST episodes, to see what some costumes represent, before I put the pictures up on my website. Anybody out there remember the name of the Original Trek episode with the woman who "saw" with a sensor web?

Made it to the Thursday LASFS meeting - which was packed. I think we had several dozen visitors who filled out cards, all of which were gamely read off by the officer in charge of greeting people.

The masquerade started on time (Gasp!) and finished similarly. There was one costume that didn't make it onto the stage (I gather from the comments that it was a giant robot that couldn't walk too well), but there were 33 which did, all of them worthy entries.

I missed the Hugo Awards - I realized I'd been neglecting the filk programming and so spent Saturday evening at the filk lounge. I'm told they went quite well as long as Harlan Ellison was off stage (apparently Connie Willis has far more restraint than I do - "Dignity of the Ceremony" or none, I think I'd have elbowed him off the stage for that stunt.) Some of the entries I voted for actually won, unusual as that is.

Sometime during all this (I forget exactly when) flower_cat introduced me to the game "Crottled Greeps", where you are assumed to be running a restaurant, and are given two ingredients and asked what you'll fix with them. Then you give the next person half of one of the ingredients you were given and a new one, and THEY get to figure out what to do with them. That was fun.

And I need to do a lot of stuff before I take off for the LASFS tonight, so time to stop babbling. Maybe more later.

BTW, figmo, you made a nice quiet roommate too. Not, to be honest, that I was in the room much other then when I was much too tired to notice. :)



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Aug. 31st, 2006 11:40 pm (UTC)
And I'm glad I got to meet you, finally! (Not that I spent much time in the filk area either)
Sep. 1st, 2006 03:59 am (UTC)
I spent most of the convention behind the sound board, so did get to see a whole lot. I also helped pack in and pack out Amy of Book Universe. I did a fast run through the art show and saw 15 minutes of Ann McCaffrey.

The Trek episode is Is There in Truth, No Beauty?
Sep. 1st, 2006 04:40 am (UTC)
Anybody out there remember the name of the Original Trek episode with the woman who "saw" with a sensor web?

"Is There in Truth No Beauty", I believe -- with Diana Muldaur as the blind ambassador for the Medusans, right?

Sorry I didn't see you all weekend -- we must've just kept missing each other.
Sep. 3rd, 2006 12:23 am (UTC)
Sorry I missed you, firedrake_mor. Fwiw you weren't the only one; I was hoping to say hello to dduane and plain forgot. Yeppers, folks, the episode was "Is There In Truth No Beauty?" Shortly after I made that post I found it on Eric's Excruciatingly Detailed Star Trek (TOS) Plot Summaries. One woman at the Babel reception had a very pretty version of the gown and sensor-web, which is one of the pictures that I plan to post.
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