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A welcome bit of cheer

My thanks to caprine for sharing this link with the rest of us. It's good to know that despite all the horrendous events of late, sheer silliness is still alive and well... and living in Italy, apparently.

On another note, soon as I finish checking the details, I'll be hosting a Leslie Fish sampler page, with links to Random Factors website for any of you who haven't bought the albums yet... :)

Awhile back I downloaded a copy of Mark Twain's collected letters from Project Gutenberg. When I got to the stage where he'd written The Innocents Abroad I decided it was probably a good time to reread that, so I downloaded it from Project Gutenberg. I am now reading it, googling up pictures of various points of interest described on the tour (like the great cathedral at Milan). Wonder what Sam Clemens would have thought of all this. I do so enjoy the net.

(The above is actually the reason for the music notation - I found Clint Morgan's set of on-line road-trip photo journals which follow up a trip through Europe with a camping trip in the US finishing up amongst the redwoods.)