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ConChord 19

Was much fun. I may have pictures later - alas the general setting on my new digital camera doesn't work that well indoors so they'll need some processing. Next time I try a different setting. I accidentally picked up a line of Jane Mailander's "California Trees" on my PDA; not that bad. I may use it to record snips of my songs to put on my site so folks can hear the tunes for things that aren't to existing ones. Vicky missed most of the con due to school and social requirements, but at least made it out Saturday afternoon for a bit to say hello to people.

My thanks to alameda for rooming with me and helping pay for the hotel room. Also for not snoring. (My apologies if *I* did...)

I blather on... The Suttons were there; Three Wierd Sisters singing "Tea" was one of the highlights of the convention. Brenda singing "Tea" at a circle, followed by Bill singing "Beer" to the same tune was pretty good too. I do hope the latter gets recorded sometime. A bit of luck - apparently there's a group entitled "Three Wierd Sisters" in the next Harry Potter movie - and the producers of same paid enough money to produce the next album to use the name. Lynn Gold was there (drove down with Jane from SF) and gave us a sample of her stand up comedy routine. Larry Niven made a marvelous toastmaster (and fortunately was in the room when someone performed "I'm In Love With A Two-Headed Alien" to see the lot of us doing Pierson's Puppeteers routines with our hands). Joe Bethancourt's concert was a delight. Les Barker was there! With CDs and books! He may have a problem at his next gig - we bought nearly all of his stock and more isn't due to arrive for a week. Pity he couldn't be around for the dead dog party when Eloise Mason sang "Will the Turtle Be Unbroken". Once again Interfilk came up with a couple of winners; I had never even heard of Martin and Andrea Gordon-Kerr and they are wonderful musicians, and good people, too. This was also the first time I'd seen (and heard) James Lee Stanley, not the last, though if I can help it, also I bought one of his CDs. He autographed it saying it was nice to find someone whose name was easy to spell. Considering what he put on some of the others I think I got off lucky. :) His DS9 stories were fun too (he was a recurring extra playing most of the alien types over the year). There may be a song in Star Trek underwear...

The Kazoo awards were duly awarded - since I made the things, Lee let me present them too. Alas, only one author of a winner was present; I just hope the more fragile of the kazoos make it through shipping in one piece. The winners should be announced on the ConChord website shortly - I emailed Lee photos of the Kazoo Awards last night to post to it.

Speaking of which - anybody out there who's been linking to my website and hasn't updated to its current location (www.kayshapero.net) please do so - there's nothing at the old one now but a substitute index page directing people to the new site, and attempts to get at the FAQ etc will probably bounce since I still have to pry out of Earthlink how to do a custom 404 page. Possibly tonight - I'm not going to try and do that from the ITT library.


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Aug. 31st, 2005 05:46 pm (UTC)
FAQ links
There's a EarthLink link to your FAQ site sitting right on the front page of the ConChord site (the link to your filk cons list). :-)
Aug. 31st, 2005 09:22 pm (UTC)
Re: FAQ links
I've written to Lee about it - I expect it'll be changed in the next revision.
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