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I guess it beats being a Dalek.

Swiped from several folks, notably firedrake_mor and ataniell93. Sucker gets around!

Kinetic Artificial Youth Skilled in Hazardous Assassination, Potential Exploration and Rational Observation

Proof positive that there's still a lot of silliness out there (in fact the site even tries to sell you a t-shirt with the results on it...)

And in other news, the Kazoo Awards are finished as of last night, and sitting in my garage awaiting the con tomorrow. The name cards have to wait until the awards are voted on at ConChord this weekend, but at least the physical awards are done. Once again, real kazoos! (Though after what I did to them, I doubt any are playable...) And I've finally broken down and acquired a digital camera (a Nikon Coolpix 5600) which among other things enables me to photograph small objects close up. Assuming I get the opportunity, I'll take pictures of the final set (cards and all) and post them next week. See some of ya at the con!