Calico Cat (kayshapero) wrote,
Calico Cat

Boggled again - long live Hare Link

About seven years ago I went over to Hare Link to check some stuff, and noticed my entire allotment had gone up from 5G to 10G.  The other day I did it again and discovered it is now 100G.  Meanwhile I'm using something like 1G last I checked, this with three websites and a lot of photos and stuff (and it'd be about half that much if I didn't have this huge video on the Fredsite).  Still costs the same.  Long Live Hare-Link!   (Warning - that's a temporary link - Bill Holbrook put up in Kevin and Kell to help us poor users.  They're changing the website and the original link is a snare and a delusion just now.)

(In case you were wondering, they handle things so well I rarely need to go on the site.)
Tags: hare-link
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