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Earthquake downstairs...

About 9:56 pm, there was a sound like either a very small earthquake or someone driving by, but the house didn't shake enough for the latter. So after a bit I checked the  USGS "Did You Feel It?" site to see if someone had reported one and they had*. Rated about 2.7 on the Richter Scale; won't be surprised if that goes down in a bit - it was teeny.  Tossed in my two bits (Noticed it.  Barely.) For the fun of it looked up the epicenter coordinates on Google Earth - less than 100 yards from here, down the short block and around the corner. Given a depth of 9 km, that effectively puts it right under us.  At this point Vicky called who understandably did NOT feel it being several miles away.  But apparently she had friends calling about "did you hear about the earthquake under your parents' house"... Shared amusement (both of us grew up in SoCal; microquakes are no big deal).  Anyway, may as well assure the World at Large that we are Just Fine and considering what to sell as souvineers.  :)

*2015-09-04 21:55:33 LOCAL if you want to look it up


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Sep. 6th, 2015 02:54 pm (UTC)
Quake shakes
I live in a fault zone in BC and we actually picked out the location of our housing on the basis of the earthquake charts. I stayed in the same area in my rental house. Hard pan on bedrock here....

I was in an earthquake upgraded building at the top of a mountain during the Nisqually quake and it felt like an elephant on a pogo stick went by behind my desk; hubs and a visiting girlfriend didn't even notice, less than 5 miles away, and they were sitting under a chandelier, so they likely would have. Tremors are weird.

The idea that it was directly under your house is rather charming, in a mildly scary way.
Sep. 7th, 2015 04:42 am (UTC)
Re: Quake shakes
Not the first time; we had a series of 2-3.whatever earthquakes a couple of years ago nearby, which I mentioned in this journal. Click on "earthquake" in the taglist to the left and it'll show you the posts I made at the time. Felt like being at one end of a large commercial building when someone backed into the loading dock at the other end. Single, sharp "wham!"
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