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Lookee Peepers!!

For those unfamiliar with Nicolai's Other Suns and related campaigns, that's what the participants have been known to call robot probes of all sorts.  Various sorts of pads for clinging to locales to be investigated are known collectively as "stickie poos".  (Terms derive from a comment by John Bradley.)  Anyway, an article from Sky and Telescope on what would seem to be obvious, but I'm glad to see it's actually under development.  I've only quoted a small fraction, so be sure to check the link.)

Robotic Flyers: The Future of Space Exploration?
By: David Dickinson | August 18, 2015

Flying robot explorers could one day grace the skies of other worlds. Quadcopters, the four-propeller drones that have become a familiar sight in terrestrial skies, may be the next big thing in space exploration. Engineers based at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on the Florida Space Coast are working on the next generation of robotic scouts to take planetary exploration airborne.

The facility, known as Swamp Works, is designing small flying probes which will be capable of reaching hard-to-access spots, such as crater walls or crevasses.