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And some other interesting stuff

A few more interesting things I found in Science Daily today

1. Some deep sea sharks are buoyant - which surprised the guy who put a camera on one and got a lot of blank frames because it swam higher than he expected most of the time.

2. The incredible shrinking diode. Apparently layering van der Waals materials directly on a molecular scale (instead of stacking them) gets interesting resonant tunnel diode effects.

3. Saharan silver ants use Physics! Well, to quote the summary: Researchers have discovered two strategies that enable Saharan silver ants to stay cool in one of the world's hottest environments. They are the first to demonstrate that the ants use a coat of uniquely shaped hairs to control electromagnetic waves over an extremely broad range from the solar spectrum to the thermal radiation spectrum and that different physical mechanisms are used in different spectral bands to realize the same biological function of reducing body temperature.


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Jun. 21st, 2015 03:15 pm (UTC)
Very much appreciate that second point, which I have yoinked for further study and application to the materials science woo in my novel.

thank you!
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