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Kuriositas reappears...

OK, the blog has presumably been around on its own all this time, ok, but I just got my first post from them in several months, and it's a goodie.  And for a change I can't make up my mind which entry to mention here, so I'm going to link to all of them... :)  You have been warned!

First off, The Amazing Skeletorus!  Or anyway a new species of peacock spider with a really striking pattern that had the discoverors thinking of the villianous Skeletor.  It's been named Maratus sceletus for "skeleton", and here's a picture.  Click on it for the article.  (Meanwhile, I shall ponder whether the name indicates that trademark affects taxonomy which would be interesting, considering that nothing else seems to. :))


I believe this one has been run before - certainly the parts have, but 10 Amazing Places to Visit in India that aren't the Taj Majal is a goodie. Includes the Meenakshi Temple (part of which appears below), Jantar Manpar (looks kinda like a giant kids' playground, is an observatory built in the late 18th century and in use ever since), the Great Wall of India, and a flock of other goodies.  Click on the image.


Filmmaker Philip Bloom flew a Phantom 3 drone through the ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada and got some great footage.  Click on the image to go look at it.


And finally an actual quote: "This is Super Mario playing 8bit music during the intermission of Video Games Live International festival of video game music held recently at the Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland." That should be enough - click on the photo and go listen!

(not particularly into MB games myself other than Mario Kart - Go Yoshi!, but those who are should find it even more entertaining.)