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Grin - THAT was fun - went to the Queen Mary's Halloween spookfest Dark Harbor this evening to see Vicky's tour and a lot of other fun stuff.  Got "fast fright" bands and believe me, if you're planning to go you want to pay the extra fee for these.  You still have to wait sometimes but not NEARLY as long.  Vicky's one of the "ghost hosts" for the "Encounters" tour on board the ship herself.  I can't give details as I wouldn't want to spoil it for anybody, but it's a lot of fun.  Basically it's the "haunted tour" that goes.. well...more  haunted than usual.... :)  But I had fun.

Then it was on to the mazes.  Now I'd promised not to do anything too weird on the tour, but I never said anything about the other mazes, heh heh...  First we hit Deadrising, which was a fairly typical mesh and pole corridor spook house with lots of fog generators and zombies popping out at you from all over.  Maritime theme.  So I went in singing things like Zombie Jamboree, much to the confusion of the zombies.  Then I switched to stumbling toward them saying "braiiiinnnnssss" and got laughs.  Took awhile before I realized why they were always so easily seen - I was wearing my "fire jewel" pendant which is a clear cube containing a really bright color-changing led.  Had my own proximity aura... :)   Met a final batch of zombies, informed one of 'em that I really loved a man in uniform, and out I went.  I think I gave as much entertainment as I got there.  Submerged was similar, though inside the ship and as you might imagine an underwater theme.  In case Katie is reading this, yes, I did recognize you.  NICE makeup!  My themesong in there was "Under the Sea"... :)

At this point Nicolai was getting tired and I was a tad overheated (gets HOT in there) so we took a break, got some incredibly overpriced drinkables (water and diet coke), checked out the Midway and then headed for home.