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As those who have been keeping track of the woes of Detroit may know, the governor's satrap has called for Christie's to value the contents of the municipally owned art museum, which houses what sounds like a pretty irreplaceable collection. Not, he says, to sell it, but the locals are understandably dubious. Anyway, there has been some literally firey protest (no, not the destructive kind)... From the Detroit News

September 13, 2013 at 1:49 pm
Breathing fire over threat to DIA's collection

Detroit — In the dead of night Thursday, a 40-foot dragon snuck up to the north lawn of the Detroit Institute of Arts and left a blazing message to the city: "Save the Art."

The 20-foot-tall dragon is made of found objects and recycled steel and tires. Mounted on a dump truck chasis, the giant art car is the creation of artist Ryan C. Doyle of Detroit and Hong Kong based LED artist Teddy Lo. It is mobile and immense. And it can shoot a 20-foot burst of flame from its nostrils.

Detroit sculptor Doyle and about a dozen friends and assistants drove the dragon, Gon KiRin, or Light Dragon in Mandarin (Lo's native tongue), down Woodward Avenue about 9 p.m. Thursday to the DIA, where he and his aides stuck a sign made of steel letters wrapped in fabric into the lawn and doused it in kerosene.

Moments later, they drove Gon KiRin up to the curb and let loose its fiery breath, igniting the sign that read: "#Save the Art." (more)

Check out the article, if only for the gorgeous video of Gon KiRin in action!

The dragon's been around a few years now; started out at Burning Man and will be at Art Prize in Grand Rapids later this month. Hopefully - they're running a kickstarter to help fund the trip.