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Signal Boost - Bay Area Band's Van Stolen!

Quoted from Breathe Owl Breathe's Facebook page


UPDATE: Two days later and nothing has been found yet...

To help out - please donate directly to the band at http://breatheowlbreathe.com/


Last night between midnight and 11 am from the Berkeley Hills area (Oakland, CA). Everything we own was in the vehicle. All of our musical equipment, including a laptop, and clothing. Please share this post far and wide- help get the word out! If you see a 1998 Ford Econoline Van (see picture below)  (anywhere in the Bay area or beyond, call the Oakland Police Department (510) 777-3333.

One way you could help is to search Craig's List, or local flea markets for any of the more unique instruments that were with us in the van:

-Amati Cello (in blue hard shell case)
-Lowrey Wandering Genie keyboard/organ
-Lowrey Genie Mach III Plus
-Larivee Acoustic Guitar
-1965 Fender Pedal Bass
-Mint Green Fender Excels
-Holy Grail Reverb Pedal (older style, large version)
-Roland SP-404 sampler (with dent on bottom face)
-Lyle semi-hollow body electric guitar
-Fender Vibroverb Guitar amp
-Roland KC-550 Keyboard amp
-Fishman acoustic amp
-4 piece Adonis drumset (wood finish)

Thanks for your help!!!