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Cool Tiny Stuff

Sigh.. sometimes I wonder if I should just post a permanent link to Kuriositas from this blog - I seem to quote them most of the time anyway. :) Anyway, today's is particularly cool. Click the image to see the article, which consists of a lot more pictures with identification and bits of interesting stuff between them.

Under The Electron Microscope

(from Kuriositas)

It may be hard to believe but the first electron microscope was developed by German physicist Hans Busch in 1926 with a prototype built by Ernst Ruska and the electrical engineer Max Knoll in 1931. In 1933 Ruska built an electron microscope (or EM) that surpassed the resolution which could be achieved with a light microscope. Yet perhaps even Ruska could not have envisioned future developments, which mean that today we can see things such as the zinc oxide particle (above) in more detail than ever before. (more)