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Fossil reveals spider in mid-strike
Predator and prey, together forever
By Richard Chirgwin

Posted in Science, 9th October 2012 03:09 GMT

A hundred million years ago, an amber flow spoiled a spider’s day: it had waited, possibly for hours, to ambush a wasp in its web, and just as it decided to strike, spider, wasp and web were all trapped forever.

The good news for us is that it’s turned up at a dig in Myanmar's Hukawng Valley, and here's what it looks like:



Oct. 14th, 2012 04:57 am (UTC)
This made me think of a joke, as most things do, wondering if there might be a 100 million year old amber alert. Which reminded me of the story that's been in the news here in Denver all week. Which made me sad again, because it was terrible news.

But that is a really cool picture. Thank you.