Calico Cat (kayshapero) wrote,
Calico Cat

Endeavour heads to the freeway

I'm sitting here in front of the television (KCAL 9) watching the shuttle move slowly down the street (Manchester Blvd, currently at Glasgow) towards the bridge over the 405. She's come to a stop now - right now she's on four sets of crawlers, but she's being slowly moved onto a sort of giant dolly before continuing on over the 405 bridge. Don't know wny - I suspect the crawlers are just too wide. Having driven under that bridge about an hour ago, I'm glad it hadn't gotten there yet - I can see THAT stopping traffic on the freeway altogether and it was heavy enough at the time with people getting off probably to get close enough to walk over to Manchester and watch her go by. I don't live quite THAT nearby, so I'll settle for the TV and the internet

Checked You Tube and found a time-lapse video of the early morning departure of Endeavour from the airport onto the streets.

Tags: endeavour
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