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Timing is all...

Out of sheerest randomness, took out a Pottermore account today. IIRC, Sept 1 is Hogwarts Special day. They don't let you use your own name or let you pick your own username - apparently it is far safer to be known as MugwumpUnicorn21979. There's even a mouseover explanation - they're trying to protect us widdle kiddies on the big bad net. On the one hand, it suggests it didn't really believe me when I assured it I was over 18, on the other hand it also suggests kids have changed somewhat since I was one. Although considering the sort of names that seem to be common in Wizarding culture in the books, perhaps MugwumpUnicorn21979 would seem perfectly normal. Maybe I can research the magical spell to remove stray numbers off the end of your name.

Hmm... or maybe this means there are 21,979 Mugwump Unicorns and I can lead a stampede? (see Userpic.)

Have to go back tomorrow and find out where I'm sorted. I gather it's the usual series of questions that make it Obvious which to pick to suggest where. This could be tricky - I'm not industrious enough for Hufflepuff, I'm not jock enough for Griffindor, too straightforward for Slytherin (well, theoretically - the one in the books is probably suffering from waay too many Legacy members), and Ravenclaw is.. is.. is where all the BOOKS are that aren't in the library! OK, I know what I'm asking the Hat for. :)