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April Fools 2012

Just been roaming the net finding shenanigans (inspired mostly by Think Geek's current crop), and here are some of the most amusing ones I've found.

To start with go over to Google Maps, and press that odd new square at the top right of the screen, labeled "Quest"...

When you're done snickering at that one, I've got a few awards:

Better Living Through Science! goes to Bespoke Pets: Just Press Print!
Kodak did a version of this too.

The Dirtronaut Memorial Award goes to Richard Branson's Virgin Volcanic! Arne Saknussem, are you listening?

This year's Dubious New Gadgets Award is a tie: Toshiba for new pad shapes, and Sony for the worlds tiniest lap.. er fingertop?

And finally the "I'd Buy That If They Made It" Award goes to Think Geek (who else) for the Technomancer Hoodie!

And when you're through with all that go take a look at today's Foxtrot.

Do let me know what else you have found, today!

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