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Three Days in a Tardis

Just got back from the 23rd Gallifrey I (it is, after all, a time travel con) where I had much fun. It's close enough to ConSonance that I probably won't do this every year, but it was still a nice convention. Ribbons have caught on with a vengeance; between the long chains most folks had it sometimes looked like most of the con was cosplaying the Fourth Doctor. There was a phalanx of interesting guests from the earliest seasons (Director Waris Hussein, Maureen O'Brien (Vicki), and William Russell (Ian)) to the more recent and rather than list everybody, just go look at the website; I believe most or all of the confirmed guests actually arrived. There were a lot of interesting interviews, especially since they rarely only included one interviewee. I'm certainly not going to forget Simon Fischer-Becker (Blue Man) who got the audience all stirred up over the ultimate question that should never be answered... then handed off to the next guy on line "OK, follow THAT act." :)

The charity auction was entertaining - as auctions with Tadao involved in usually are. :) I wound up with a vial of BPAL scent, one of "Neil Gaiman's 15 Painted Cards From A Vampire Tarot" which smells a mite too papery for me, but works just fine for Victoria.

I'm too tired to write con reports but anyway, I had fun, and also got some ideas to bring up at the Loscon discussion meeting, including things we have that the other cons I've been to of late don't seem to (like a party floor and open room parties), and the things that everybody seems to have dropped like the good old fashioned Dead Dog Party where all survivors still at the con gather in the con suite or wherever to finish off the munchies and relive the whole thing. Come to think of it, wonder if there's a place I could set up an old-style impromptu filk circle. There was some singing in the con suite whilst I was there.

And a comment on auctions: When I went to the first North American Discworld Convention, I discovered what is probably a fairly common method of auctions that I had not previously seen in use. First you make up a series of bidder paddles by taping/gluing/stapling a 4 x 6 card to a popsicle stick, then writing a number in large enough print to be easily seen across the room on it, a different one on each paddle. You distribute these to anybody who might want to bid, making a note of who has what number. The auctioneer describes the item and has it shown around, then starts calling out bid amounts in appropriate increments (say by dollars up to ten, five dollars up to fifty and so forth). Bidders raise their paddles until the bid number goes past what they want to pay at which time they lower them, and when there's only one bidder left, they win the item. There's no question who got it, no problem with bidders not being heard, and it moves along fairly quickly. Something to consider.