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'Nother meme....

Mooched from seawasp.
Rules:: Write down the names of ten of your original characters, then click on the cut tag and answer the questions. Then make a post like this one with your characters, and below a cut tag the questions and your answers.

Most of these folks are gaming characters of mine and not particularly widely known so I’m including a few notes that may help. Anybody wants to know more,just ask.

1. Lenla du Finagle – human, female, magic user
2. Alfric of Gaelan – werewolverine, male, fighter
3. Auren Technomancer – human, female, technomancer
4. Yealurowluro – H’reli, female, fighter pilot
5. Kendra tai Melora – human slightly modified, female, bard
6. Christiaan Ferret – Uplifted ferret, male, naval officer (ex SEAL)
7. Keandra Algol – human, female, historian
8. Nentrithon – Eldest, not applicable, historian. Polymorphous, usually resembles a levitating 10 foot dark violet velvet torpedo. Extends limbs as needed.
9. Tuu Ira Isan – Altani, female, ship commander
10. Goldflow – AI, male (sorta), terraformer. When not working looks like an immense pile of gold colored sand. When working can be hard to spot.

1. Four invites Three and Eight to dinner at their home. What happens?
[Yealurolurow, Auren Technomancer, Nentrithon]

Grin – With a H’rel hosting a human and one of the Eldest, all three can mostly handle each other’s cuisines up to a point, but it’s still going to be interesting. No idea what the other two will have but there will be cooked spaghetti braided and coated with Chinese Five Spice for Nentrithon because for some reason he loves this. Anyway, I’d say all three would sit there and swap stories well into the night because they’ve ALL lived in interesting times.

2. Nine tries to get Five to go to a strip club.
[Tuu Ira Isan, Kendra tai Melora]

Girl’s night out – Tuu Ira Isan as a female Altani would be interested in male Altani (or L’Dreyan) dancers, Kendra is effectively human even if she no longer quite looks it (it’s AMAZING what can happen on a spirit quest…especially when you wind up with Blackwart as a patron), and more interested in male humans. So they go to a multispecies club, someplace on Novaya Amerika (how Kendra got there is left as an exercise for the reader.) To keep anybody from getting bored, Tespa happens to be dancing there (male L’Dreyan hengocha – a sort of combination geisha/courtesan – good one, too), something along the lines of the first part of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom occurs, and all three wind up spending the night dodging both the crooks and the cops. And hoping neither T’Isan’s superiors or her mate find out about this – the former might not be amused, the latter would be very amused, and probably tease her about it for months.

3. You need to stay at a friend's house over night. Who's do you choose, One or Six?
[Lenla du Finagle, Christiaan Ferret]

Definitely Lenla’s – Tarr Finagle is a heck of a lot bigger than Christiaan’s usual residence, especially now that he’s rejoined the navy. Also they’ve got a pretty good mead on hand.

4. Two and Seven are making out. Ten walks in. What's their reaction?
[Alfric, Keandra Algol, Goldflow]

Hmm… Alfric and Keandra? Well, if they ever DID run into each other I suppose this would not be particularly impossible; they’re both single and fairly attractive. They’re even fairly close to the same species. Being that he’s the size of a small mountain, if Goldflow were to seep through it would break things up with the need to get out of the WAY.

5. Three falls in love with Six. Eight is jealous. What happens?
[Auren Technomancer, Christiaan Ferret, Nentrithon]

Auren is human, Christiaan is an Uplifted ferret, and Nentrithon… the Eldest are polymorphous and reproduce by attaining sufficient body control to construct whatever organs they want to use to reproduce with – usually by budding. I think we’re not talking eros, here. Nentrithon would go have a long talk with Keandra about the phenomenon. As for Auren and Christiaan since neither is interested in quite THAT much kink, it would be strictly a bromance.

6. Four jumps you in a dark alleyway. Who comes to your rescue, Ten, Two or Seven.
[Yealurowluro, Goldflow, Alfric, Keandra Algol]

Yealurowluro? Given as she’s a hell of a lot faster not to mention trained in hand to hand combat, I do hope she’s not too mad at me. Of course knowing Yealurowluro, it could just be an invitation to a tickle fight. Not Goldflow – this is all outside his programming, and if he just tromps in full force my attacker and I will BOTH need rescuing. Alfric would regardless if he knew anything about the situation because like most lawful/good fighters he’s pretty protective of the underdog. Keandra would be more likely to stand back and point her sidearm and yell at the fighters to desist. Which I can only hope we do – if you get a close look at that thing it looks more like a carved wooden toy, but what it fires you do NOT want to get hit with. Think Warehouse 13...

7. One decides to start a cooking show. Fifteen minutes later what's happening.
[Lenla du Finagle]

Alfric drops by, picks up an apple, crunches into it and makes comments. Lord Fred and Lianor wander in and sample the wine. Brandobas, the World's Smallest Werewolf (hey, he's a hobbit) sneaks in the back in wolf form and swipes the roast. Duncan bestows his clerical blessing on the salad and takes a few bites just to make sure. Ryllyn the Shapeshifter flaps in as a phoenix and lights all the candles. Inadvertently. Several startled stagecrew back into the camera which promptly falls over as Lenla threatens to turn all and sundry into toads. Fade to black...

8. Three has to marry either Eight, Four or Nine. Which do they choose?
[Auren, Nentrithon, Tuu Ira Isan, Yealurowluro]

Auren again – sheesh, she just graduated to Master Technomancer status and has quite enough on her plate (also it occurs to me that I have no idea WHAT her sexual inclinations are). Not Nentrithon goodness knows. Tuu Ira Isan doesn’t swing that way (trust me). Which leaves us Yealurowluro. Who is quite likely to mate with just about anything. Heaven help the universe if those two pair up – what one didn’t think of the other would and the result would be a sort of blend of Coyotl and Dr. Who…

9. Seven kidnaps Two and demand something from Five for their release.
[Keandra Algol, Alfric, and Kendra tai Melora]

Goodness, that was a short romance! Keandra’d have to demand a song – Kendra IS a Bard after all. And it’s probably a misunderstanding, anyway.

10. Everyone gangs up on Three. Does Three have a chance in Hell?
[Auren Technomancer]

Actually, yes – if she’s got a head start and her usual mass of Pixie Dust. Or got into whatever universe this is taking place in by walking through the multiversal gateway back at Technomancer headquarters, in which case all she has to do is turn and run through the nearest wall. If she has to stay and fight seriously, several people are likely to die in rather nasty ways*, probably including her. If nothing else, Goldflow can swamp the whole party. Mercifully, this requires most of the party to be acting extremely out of character.

*Along with a few energy weapons at hand, Auren is a nano-specialist. Where she comes from pixie dust has been around for quite awhile and is routinely used in health maintenance, internally. Imagine what other programs you could set up and place under a trigger code for instant deployment...

11. Everyone is invited to Two and Ten's wedding, except for Eight. How do they take it?
[Alfric, Goldflow, Nentrithon]

Alfric and Goldflow???? Nentrithon is probably too busy laughing somewhere to attend anyway. *I* am probably too busy laughing to attend.

12. Why is Six afraid of Seven?
[Christiaan Ferret, Keandra Algol]

Same reason nobody would party with her when I statted her up as a Champions character: he’s afraid her hunted crock (Cthulhu) will show up.

13. One arrives late for Two and Ten's wedding. What happens and why were they late?
[Lenla du Finagle, Alfric, Goldflow]

Lenla was kept busy casting spells trying to decipher the invitation because this just couldn’t be what it looks like…

14. Five and Nine get roaring drunk at your house. What happens?
[Kendra tai Melora, Tuu Ira Isan]

Most likely Vicky and I join in and there is much giggling. (Especially if I can get them to tell us the story of Girl’s Night Out – see question 2) MUCH giggling. ALL Frippin' NIGHT. Poor Nicolai…

15. Nine murders Two's best friend. What does Two do to get back at them?
[Tuu Ira Isan, Alfric]

Well, first he goes to Duncan and gets his friend Raised. Of if that’s not possible, gets Lenla to use a Reincarnate spell to ask him if he WANTS to come back and if so recreate him. Then he goes and tries to kill Tuu Ira Isan which is a lot harder than it sounds, even for Alfric the Holy Terror. Though frankly I don’t see her murdering anybody. Well, maybe Sharn Shra-elenya, but he’s not one of my characters so he’s not on the list.

16. Six and One are in mortal danger and only one of them can survive. Does Six save himself or One.
[Christiaan Ferret, Lenla du Finagle]

Well, Christiaan’d be most likely to save Lenla figuring her for a civilian after all, but Lenla would probably get them both out of it if only because she’s a high level wizard who also carries around a lot of interesting artifacts (and also knows various flavors of Dimension Door). Of course if he saves her, she can go and fetch him later (see above).

17. Eight and Three go camping. For some reason they forget to bring any food. What to they do?
[Nentrithon, Auren Technomancer]

Nentrithon isn’t hungry all that often anyway so might not even care, Auren would go fishing or whatever hunting is immediately available, and send out pixie dust to scavenge for plants that won’t poison her. Or raid the nearest McDonalds, I suppose (I can see this now – a flood of *something* overruns the kitchen then withdraws as the inhabitants frantically call the cops or the exterminators or whomever, taking with them the orders currently up, and leaving a couple of $20s on the counter.)

18. Five is critically injured in a car crash, what does Nine do?
[Kendra tai Melora, Tuu Ira Isan]

If at all possible, leaves her in situ and calls in the doctors, while using her First Aid - Human skills to check her over and do what she can without risking further harm. (These are pretty good – she’s been based on a human world, Novaya Amerika, for decades.) If this is taking place where they use internal combustion engines and everything’s about to explode, of course, she’ll have to get her out, again using what she knows of first aid to move her CAREFULLY… Come to think of it, in that case if it’s possible to move the remains of the wreckage away from her instead of vice versa she’ll do THAT.