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That's .. cute...

Yahoo is redoing its mail site again, necessitating reading over the usual policy stuff. Found this interesting bit in the Privacy (hah!) section...

Personally Relevant Experiences

Yahoo! provides personally relevant product features, content, advertising, spam and malware detection by analyzing your email. Some of these features and advertising will be based on our understanding of the content and meaning of your emails. For instance, we analyze email messages to identify key elements of meaning and then categorize this information for immediate and future use.

Please read our FAQ to learn more.

This information may also be used for interest-based advertising. To learn more, you can visit Yahoo!’s control tool for interest-based advertising.

Yahoo! Mail may include interactive mail features from 3rd parties as well. Your personally identifiable information is not directly shared with the 3rd party without your consent.

Key-word search probably, though if they really WANT to read my mail it serves 'em right... :) Wonder if I should tell them I screen out all their ads anyway?