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Reprint from Inksome: Even more reviews

Posted in September of 2008, when I got the flu. :(

I guess there is one advantage to getting sick; I do get more time to read. (Go to bed. When eyes open, read. When eyes closed, sleep. Repeat macro.) Read a bit of fanfic before giving up on it (note to writers - I don't care what you're crossing with Narnia, please try to at least keep Aslan in character.) Went on to better things.

Ok, this isn't one of the freebies, this is the sequel to one of the freebies, which I have now read courtesy the LASFS library. Warning - this WILL have spoilers for Through Wolf's Eyes. There is also a reference to Rosemary Edgehill's The Cup of Morning Shadows though not really all that spoilery.

Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart by Jane Lindskold is, as mentioned above, the second in the series begun with Through Wolf's Eyes. As might be expected, you can't glue two kingdoms together at the end of the first book without having all sorts of excitement with the second, especially with people around like the exiled former queen Gustin IV, now Queen Valora of the Isles, reputed sorceress Lady Melina, and various other rapacious sorts we didn't meet in the first book, along with a set of three magical artifacts of unknown purpose that nobody knows how to use (but the right people in New Kelvin just might be able to figure out) floating around, ... Ties to friends, human and otherwise, plus a commission by the council of Royal Beasts who would REALLY like to see those artifacts taken out of play, but would also like not to have their existence known any more widely than it must pitch Firekeeper right into the middle of intrigue, war, long difficult journeys, and so forth, and a painful decision at the end. Not that she's the only one to have the last. If anything, I think I like this one better than the first.

NOT from Tor but the sequel to something else I mentioned earlier, a week or so back I read the second book of Rosemary Edgehill's trilogy started by The Sword of Maiden's Tears (you remember - the elf prince gets mugged in New York), The Cup of Morning Shadows. I was, alas, underwhelmed. Somehow this worked better with the fantasy being in New York than with the New Yorkers in fantasyland. Oh well... it IS the second book of a trilogy.