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The muse has an odd sense of humor

I seem to be getting ultra short stories instead of songs today. Here's one, the result of a few too many May 21 2011 Apocalypse (is that an attempt at a viral ad for a movie? thought that one was mined out) signs.

May 21??

Don't be silly - the world will come to an end on Arvad 6, Year of the Amber Mountain, Octad of the Flare Star, when Pral, the youngest Estringer accidentally knocks the Moon into the Earth while showing off his skills at gravitystretch. The Park Warden calls Pral's mother, who apologizes profusely and makes the lad restore the system with a lesser timetwist, which takes 7 subjective hours to complete. Of course she (or the Warden for that matter) could have restored it subjectively instantly with a greater timetwist, but she wants to make sure Pral learns to be more careful around historical monuments. Really.