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Politics, silliness...

OK, since I don't care to spam people regardless of the cause, herewith my contribution to this year's "get out the vote" effort.

Matrixy video from MoveOn. If you've got a facebook account sign on first, and you'll get the personalized version which is even more amusing. I just managed to watch that on dialup without the site deciding a fourth of the way into the download that something was obviously Wrong and cutting the connection. Thank you, moveon.org.

I'm planning on voting for the Least Annoying as usual - this being California it means for the noisier races, Jerry Brown for governor (gee... if he wins it restores one line of Ronald Reagan Carl Sagan San Diegan Pagan), and Barbara Boxer for Senate. Again. Which probably tells you all you need to know about my opinion of the competition... :/ As usual we're loaded with propositions to eye warily as well. If you REALLY want my take on that look behind the link.

Propositions, something California is always plagued with. Or is it entertained by?

19 - legalizes marijuana in CA. Thus changing who you get arrested by if you get caught smoking pot. Even the out-of-state Morals Police appear to have missed this one, so if it was intended as a distraction it doesn't seem to have worked.

20 - enables the Citizens Redistricting Commission we set up in 2006 to redistrict stuff to include US House of Representatives districts. Compare this with

27 - kills off the Citizens Redistricting Commission. For those who LIKE letting their elected representatives have a digit in the pie - or would that be nose in the trough?

21 - creates $18 annual vehicle license surcharge to fund state parks etc. Basically everybody with a vehicle pays $18 a year, and doesn't have to pay to enter at the park.

22 - limits what the state can borrow or out and out take during fiscal hardships, like transportation, redevelopment, local government projects and services. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to vote on this one myself.

23 - suspends implementation of air pollution control law AB32. Let's just IGNORE global warming until unemployment drops to 5.5%. Pity I can't vote Hell no.

24 - repeals recent tax legislation where businesses can shift operating losses to prior tax years and stuff like that. Um...

25 - Change vote requirement to pass budget from 2/3 to simple majority (keeping 2/3 for taxes). Gee, maybe we could get a budget in on time?

26 - requires certain state and local fees be approved by 2/3 vote, like taxes are.

(And there you have it - current intent is to vote yes on 19, 20, and 24, no on 23 and 27, inclined to favor 21 and 25. 22 and 26 look boobytrapped - if I can't figure out where the kicker is I'm voting no.)


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Nov. 1st, 2010 02:33 am (UTC)
I have a simple rule of thumb: If the folks behind Prop 13 are backing it, down it goes. That may help you out in deciding.
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