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As I mentioned earlier, tonight's the start of the Barnes and Noble LASFS benefit - for the next five days if you buy something from them include the number 10276251 and the club gets a cut (doesn't even have to be a book - anything they sell). I'm heading out to the B&N in The Grove which is hosting the beginning festivities. Probably more later.

Edit - 23:26

I was a bit concerned about traffic out near The Grove, but there was no problem at all. Also plenty of parking in the structure. The first hour is free, after that is $3 for the second and I didn't notice about the third. I was going to be gone by then regardless.

Barnes & Noble was practically across from the exit, and three stories tall. The guy at the entrance directed me up to the top, and I arrived in the middle of one Neverending Panel session, and thus in plenty of time for the start of the next. These are video podcasts, so anybody curious about them can look them up on their website. Alas, that next panel was mostly the announcement of a new graphic novel series in production by some of the participants, something that rather lends itself to mutual backpatting sessions for those involved, regardless of intent. While right behind me were all these books... I decided to await publication of the podcast and wandered out into the book aisles. In the unlikely event anybody from there is reading, a store map would be nice - I made it most of the way around the entire (large) floor before I found the manga shelves and picked up a couple of issues of the English translation of Osama Tezuka's Black Jack that I knew fabula_umbrae didn't already have, also got myself a mystery (The Water Room, one of Christopher Fowler's "Peculiar Crimes Unit" tales, something I'd been meaning to get around to reading). All I had to do at the checkout register was mention the LASFS and they already had the number ready; dunno if they'll do this at other B&Ns though so be sure to have the number handy. It also works on line btw. I considered one of the skull and crossbones mugs, but, alas, I've no place to put one.

He also validated my parking slip, so I got TWO free hours in the parking structure. Though I had to go talk to the parking folks first, because the payment machine didn't see the validation and wanted to charge me three bucks. Pheh - leastwise now I know where to go should I ever have problems in that structure again. All in all, a pleasant evening.