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On the Beach

Interesting day - my daughter and some friends got up a beach party near the Santa Monica Pier. I drove out for it, and made the mistake of trying to park in the beach level parking instead of on the pier or over on the 3rd street Prominade structures so I wouldn't have to schlep beach chairs too far. Apparently I did NOT miss the turn last time I tried this - there really IS no way to get onto that lot from the south except to get onto PCH going northward, go to the next beachfront parking lot aways up, wait 20+ minutes to turn left into it because there is NO signal light or stop sign on the southbound side and you have to wait for PCH traffic to thin for each and every one of the long line of cars in front of you who had the same problem, go into the lot, turn right out of the lot (leastways there's plenty of room for this), then drive south to the beach-front parking by the pier. Getting onto PCH going the other way requiring even more hassle - I think the I10 entrance is the last place you can do that before Malibu. Net result, after paying $12 to park and walking most of the way across the lot, I arrived about an hour after people were supposed to collect at the end of the pier so of course nobody was there. Phoned - no pickup. Sigh...

So I spent the next couple of hours wandering around on the pier then wading up and down the tideline, generally hanging out while keeping an eye out for the party (remembered after a bit to get the nice bright purple umbrella I keep in my car to use as a sunshade, and also to be sure I was fairly visible). Never did spot it. Phoned a couple of times, no joy. Noticed just how LOUD a helicopter flying about low over the ocean gets (no idea why it was there - didn't look like anybody was being rescued or pursued). Still had fun of course - it's the Pier after all. Got back onto the pier from the beach meaning to get some lunch and realized I was not really in the mood for overpriced fried things with other fried things. Or expensive mexican food. Or whatever Bubba Gump Shrimp sells. Suddenly I recalled that somewhere in my fridge was a steamed artichoke calling to me, got back into the car and drove home for lunch.

And upon looking in the mirror I see that the hat, parasol, longsleeved long shirt I was using as a coverup, and bucket of sunblock seem to have worked. Yay, no sunburn!!

Incidentally, kidlet, if you're reading this get in touch, will you? Your phone is dead. Not that you were answering it when it wasn't. Of course if you were in the game arcade on the pier or somethinig when I called, I can see why... :) DDR!!

Good thing I got back when I did anyway - had time to recuperate a bit before the Iron Chef competition over at the church. These are based on the TV show of the same name (of course) and involve teams of business students visiting over here from Japan* who go through various challenges to learn stuff. Unlike the TV chefs, these kids have to acquire the food, plan and cook the menu, AND provide entertainment during the serving as part of a coherent unit. Tonight's was the best one I've seen, partly because both competing teams had members who had worked in restaurants and knew how to cook. The "special ingredient" was avocado and they did good things with it. (Avocado cheesecake?!) The themes were dinner on a cruise ship, and movies (Mostly My Friend Totoro and Spirited Away references. The whole team lined up and sang the Totoro song.)

*The program is called CVS, no relation to the pharmacy. It was started by one of the church elders who is also a businessman, and operates in conjunction with several area churches while the students are in the US. When we get the church fellowship hall completely upgraded, we'll be able to use it for a temporary dorm during the few weeks each group is here.
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