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Gah Prunes!

Sigh... I see these all over the place - a taskbar at the top of the web page, where clicking or mousing over an entry produces a drop down list in the same format from which you can pick. I just went to add such a thing to a list on a website I maintain, and realized all I knew how to do was produce a white box containing the first entry, with a down arrow next to it. Well, that wouldn't do, so I got onto the net and looked up a few online html manuals, only to find that all THEY would tell me how to do was produce the aforementioned white box etc. etc. I noticed one of the manuals HAD a set of dropdown menus of the type I wanted, so looked at the source code. Which wasn't quite pure html, but what the hey. What I found were lists with header class "toplevel" followed by subheaders of class "drop", neither of which class is defined in the two css files linked to the source code.

In other words, I have no idea how this works. Anybody? IS there an html way to do this or do I need javascript or something? If I know where to go look it up, I'm pretty sure I can manage. It's a real simple list, too - just five links. Ideally, I want to be able to mouseover an image, and have the list drop down below it but if I have to I can make up a pure text taskbar easily enough, so that the header can be the visible entry.
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