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The Final Calling

Lawrence Watt-Evans is now writing and serializing the first draft of The Final Calling over the net in the same manner in which he did The Spriggan Mirror and The Vondish Ambassador. If you're familiar with the Ethschar series I don't need to say anything else, if not trust me, Good Stuff. Anyway, it works like this - he posts a chapter, you read it, you contribute to the cash jar if you wish and as soon as another $250 has accumulated, up goes the next chapter. When it's all done, and the FINAL version is finished, it is published in hard copy, and anybody who contributed at least $25 to the project gets a copy. I've already sent mine... Yes, we're finally going to find out just what the heck is summoning all those warlocks, or the author is going to have to figure out what to do about a deluge of Annoyed Readers.

OK, this is partly my fault - I'm one of the folks who pestered him into finding a way to write more relatively slim but witty Ethschar volumes even though Tor has a thing for epic doorstops (to be fair he writes pretty danged GOOD epic doorstops and I read them too...) and when he asked if we'd pay his advance... we did.... :) Thus far it's been well worth the pestiferousness. Go ye and read!