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Incredible Shrinking Electronics...

My thanks to niall_shapero for this link...

Seven atom transistor sets the pace for future PCs

Researchers have shown off a transistor made from just seven atoms that could be used to create smaller, more powerful computers.

Transistors are tiny switches used as the building blocks of silicon chips.

If the new atomic transistor can be made in large numbers it could mean chips with components up to 100 times smaller than on existing processors.

The Australian creators of the transistor hope it is also a step towards a solid-state quantum computer.

The transistor is not the smallest ever created as two research groups have previously managed to produce working single-atom transistors.

However, the device is many times smaller than the components found in chips in contemporary computers. On chips where components are 22 nanometres in size, transistor gates are about 42 atoms across.

Click on the link in the title for the rest of the article. (Then pause to boggle at the reported SINGLE-ATOM TRANSISTORS referred to in the body which, even if lab curiosities are weird....)