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Dig, dig... laser map!

It is estimated there are 415+ sandstone diggings/caves dug by people at various times and more or less connected in the Nottingham area. Now they're being mapped out, and the results displayed on the Internet!

Robin Hood's Prison: Uncovering Nottingham's Hidden Medieval Sandstone Caves

ScienceDaily (May 14, 2010) — The very latest laser technology combined with old fashioned pedal power is being used to provide a unique insight into the layout of Nottingham's sandstone caves -- where the city's renowned medieval ale was brewed and, where legend has it, the country's most famous outlaw Robin Hood was imprisoned.

The Nottingham Caves Survey, being carried out by archaeologists from Trent & Peak Archaeology at The University of Nottingham, has already produced extraordinary, three dimensional, fly through, colour animation of caves that have been hidden from view for centuries.

Click on the link behind the title for the rest of the article..

And here's the Nottingham Caves Survey homepage where you can see videos of what they've already done (and a map, and places for those of you who happen to BE in Nottingham and have an old sandstone tunnel out back or something to contact them.)


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May. 21st, 2010 10:34 pm (UTC)
Fascinating. Thanks for the link!

Science Daily is almost as dangerous as TV Tropes--it took me hours to escape. ;-)
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