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Gah Prunes

I've got a pocket PC, the central button of which died on me awhile back. I bought a new front panel (which will fix this), and was assured that it is possible to remove the old front panel by removing four screws and prying it off. This is proving not to be the case: anyway I can get off the screws, and partially pry the bottom of the plate away from the front, but the rest stays on regardless of what I do (and the only tool that will fit in there to begin with was my thumbnails which are now rather the worse for wear.) I don't dare stick anything metal in there to try and pry it open. Anybody out there familiar with this sort of thing, and what I might be doing wrong? It's that or mail it to the UK for repairs (this being the place I got the front panel, and the only one I can find on the net that will even admit that something that old exists), which would get kinda pricy.