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Yaha! Finally scragged Diablo!

For some reason, whatever incarnation of Diablo I play, until now I've always managed to get to the level where I fight Diablo, keep getting killed, get bored with whatever level this is (act 4 in Diablo II) and start up a new character of a different type. THIS time my sorceress waltzed into the keep, scragged all the other inhabitants, then took out Diablo, mostly due to having set up a town portal so I could come back after getting killed (and doing 2/3 damage to him), and teleporting out of the trap he set up around it to finish the job. So I finally get to see what act 5 looks like. I am now swirling around the battlefield wrapped in a nice lightning storm firing cold orbs at all and sundry* and watching them fall over. Watch out for the Storm Queen! :)

* doesn't hurt that I've got a staff which gives +1 to all sorceress skills, massive mana regeneration and that's just the beginning.