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I subscribed to Science Daily

Well, their weekly science summary anyway. And finding some most interesting stuff.

Like this.

Sleeping Beauty Hooks Up With Herpes to Fight Brain Disease

ScienceDaily (Jan. 9, 2010) — Neuroscientists have forged an unlikely molecular union as part of their fight against diseases of the brain and nervous system.

The team has brought together the herpes virus and a molecule known as Sleeping Beauty to improve a technology known as gene therapy, which aims to manipulate genes to correct for molecular flaws that cause disease.

The work, detailed in a paper published online in Gene Therapy, has allowed scientists at the University of Rochester Medical Center to reach a long-sought goal: Shuttling into brain cells a relatively large gene that can remain on for an extended period of time.

Click link for rest of article, also links to related articles. Warning - only do this when you have about an hour to spare... :)