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I'm back!

That was interesting. niall_shapero and I spent the last few days up in the Bay Area visiting friends, doing tourist stuff and gaming (our characters visited the weird planet that shouldn't exist in the weird system that shouldn't exist... but in the latter case actually does - PSR B1257+12. Yeppers, first pulsar found to have planets (?!) Though I rather suspect whenever we do find out what's there it'll be even weirder than the game session.)

Yesterday we went to tour the USS Hornet, now a floating naval museum. I've read a lot of the works of Rear Adm. (ret) Dan Gallery - it was fascinating to actually wander all over a real live Essex-class carrier. We took several tours and just wandered about - I think the high point of the visit has to have been when we were looking through the 442 Regimental Combat Team exhibit and were fortunate enough to meet one of them (alas, I was too overwhelmed or something to think to ask his name) being shown around the exhibit. Wow - I hope I'm that dynamic when I get to be 91. Go for Broke!!

After spending a lot of time wandering about inside we made it up to the Flight Deck. I was struck simultaneously by how large and how small it looked - talk about landing on a postage stamp... Hey, I'm impressed. To think Jimmy Doolittle took off from that very deck (well, back before it got remodeled into the canted deck later) in the raid from "Shangri-La"... Then we went back inside and ate lunch on the Hangar Deck. Next time I get up there I'll have to get out to the Hornet again, get up to the Bridge, and remember to bring my camera this time.

Today we drove back home, down the 101, inland from Gilroy, and finally out to the 5. Now the latter has two lanes on either side, separated by a wide median. It is hundreds of miles long, and generally the trucks and other slower traffic belong in the right lane, everybody else in the left. Well, some twit in a white compact car in the left lane decided it would be 'fun' to get alongside a truck on the right and stay there, pacing it so nobody could get around it. If the truck slowed down, he hurried past through any open area before the truck until he found another one to pace. This meant he would vary his speed unpredictably between 45mph and 70mph at a moment's notice, and caused a terrific jam of cars attempting to drive up behind the truck and get over, only to find Mr. Roadblock jamming the way. No cops around of course and while I considered 911, we were soon far enough back in the pack that I couldn't actually see the guy in action. We got off for ten minutes or so to let the jamup move on, then got back on. Only to find ourself behind a lot of completely STOPPED cars about 15 minutes later. Slowly things began to move again... and a few miles later (shortly after we passed Kettleman City) we spotted a cop car in the median next to a beige car spun out and facing the way we'd just come from on the left, and on the right a familiar looking, now slightly banged up white car on its side resting against the trees of an orchard. Next to it stood a couple of people being interviewed by a cop. Suddenly the traffic picked up and thereafter everything was fine. Nicolai theorized someone had done a sort of accidental Pitt maneuver on Mr. Roadblock, sending him off the freeway to the left, Roadblock off to the right where he rolled the car which didn't have enough room to come down flat because of the trees in the way. Didn't look like anybody was injured; maybe the shakeup will teach Mr/Ms Roadblock a lesson. One can only hope.


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(Deleted comment)
Jan. 5th, 2010 01:07 am (UTC)
Grin. To add to the amusement factor, a few minutes previous I had mostly facetiously prayed "OK, God, here's Kettleman City*; YOU know what to do." I was rather hoping he'd be visited with Highway Patrolmen, and in a way I guess he was.

*mid-valley, notorious as the place cars go to die.
Jan. 5th, 2010 01:45 am (UTC)
Having been stationed aboard USS Saratoga, I envy you. Hornet has a lot of history to her, including the Apollo Program.
The Forestall class isn't that much bigger, and the flight deck does look huge and tiny at the same time. Four acres of sovereign United States territory, ready to do whatever it takes.

And you never forget your camera twice in a row after being aboard. Heh.

As for Ricky/Ronnie Roadblock, they had it coming. You can get away with so much for only so long before Eris decides it's your turn.

Edited at 2010-01-05 04:53 am (UTC)
Jan. 5th, 2010 06:37 am (UTC)
Well, if you ever get out to the San Francisco Bay area, check the site on the other end of the link to see when the open hours are. Among other exhibits (and there are a lot of them) is TV footage of the landing and retrieval of one of the Apollo craft. And nope, I will not be forgetting my camera again. :)

The one I feel a bit sorry for is beige compact. Though to be sure he was presumably following a hair too close.
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