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Contributing to the Recommended List?

This is a copy of the post I just made to ursamajorawards, and refers to the Recommended Anthropomorphics List which I maintain for the Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association (ALAA). Sometimes this is more fun than others. :/

I'm currently doing year-end updates to the Recommended List. Please note that while items recommended MUST have been published/whatever in 2009, you can still send recommendations up to January 15, 2010. A few other things:

1) When making a recommendation it is important to first read the information at the top of the page. Most of the following can be found there.

2) This is the Recommended List. The only criterion for an item to appear here is that somefur sent in a recommendation of an item that was anthropomorphic in nature and published/released in 2009. Yes, you may recommend your own creations if they fit the criterion. I do not need to know how many awards you have won; I do have to know when the item appeared. See also point 3.

3) This is NOT. Really NOT. What I tell you three times is true NOT the Ursa Major Award nomination list. If you send something eligible to the Recommended List it will go onto the Recommended List, but for anything to be nominated several people are going to have to go to the site, find out when nominations are open, and follow the procedure to make them.

4) Only such portions of comic strips, TV shows, and other items of a serialized nature which have appeared in 2009 are eligible. This means I have to know the date or other indicator of the first item to appear this year if I am to include it. Tell me. Write the artist if you can't figure it out from the site, related forum discussions or whatever. Yes, I can do that too, but for 60+ entries, just imagine how long it takes. The less research I have to do, the faster your recommendation will appear.

5) Finally, please read the list over and figure out a) where your recommendation belongs and b) as much of the information you see on listings IN that section that you can find about it. Mention both in your recommendation. The closer it is to the listing format, the faster a recommendation will appear. A long list of things by title and No Other Information gets left until I have time to work on it.

Joyous Holidays, everybody! See here for my this-year's Christmas Card.