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Look, the hotel gave me free internet!

That was interesting - somebot with the LJ alias feefifoo posted a happy birthday message as a comment to an old message of mine. On the site itself, it displayed as Happy Birthday, came to a stop, with no indication of a link or the like.


The email announcement gave the entire message, html and all. Lo and behold, after the birthday message came an html div tag, style defined as 'text-align:right; font-size:0; overflow:hidden; display:none;' followed by the word Data89, followed by a link to www dot data89 dot come from the words ‘web data extraction’.

The message has, of course, been deleted, with the email stashed in the physh tank until I find out if LJ needs a copy. I certainly don’t see anything in there likely to do anything without being clicked on. But figured I might as well pass the word.