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Day 7

Slept until noon, recuperating from the con, then after various and sundry things made it to the pub for lunch around 2:00... Good lunch - I'm going to miss Rúla Búla. Though we've got Ye Olde King's Head in Santa Monica, which is pretty good too (along with the amusingly named Ye Olde King's Head Shoppe). And usually not with an oven outside.

Even at it's coolest, it's still hot outside, day and night. The hotel pool is very shallow - about 4 1/2 feet at the deepest, and it's got no cover whatsoever. Thus, the water is quite warm. And they've two heated jacuzzis at the ends, see left and right on the photo (thanks, Google Earth).

So as we found out last night, the way to deal with it is to wait until at least 9:30pm and get into the pool for awhile. Then get into the jacuzzi. Then get back into the pool which now feels better. Then get out of the pool entirely and until you dry off the air actually feels... well, not exactly cool but comfortably less warm, anyway. :)

Hillel left for home (poor guy will be.. well by now have been driving into the sunset for awhile), and Vicki and I went back to the room to get something. When we came out we ran into Terry Pratchett, also in the elevator, and had a silly conversation. Then we went off to visit Leslie Fish and pick up a guitar to deliver to Barry Gold. One kitten and her mom were present; I'd have taken a photo of the kit but it promptly hid under the desk. Cuuuute!

I'm now back at the hotel goofing off whilst Vicky has dinner with friends (I'm still pretty full from the pub actually). Then we can all sit down here and watch Soul Music from the boxed set of that and Weird Sisters I got in the dealer's room. Look out, Los Angeles - tomorrow we return. :) I hope to leave early enough to stop and take photos, visit the General Patton memorial museum (and look at the tanks!) and stuff like that there.