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Day 6 - Tail of the Turtle

Well, the Turtle has swum off into the endless night, and the Con Suite has closed down (after donating a box of tea to ConChord, which I'll be bringing along next weekend.) Couple of things - the MC whose name I didn't catch is Pat Harkin - among other things he's referred to in the latest convention newsletter (all of which are available on the website.) He is, indeed, the fellow who gave fabula_umbrae the prop teeth. The site is now collecting links to photos and accounts of convention doings (I'll send them a link to this string of LJ entries) - see the last newsletter for details.

And just for the fun of it, a photo of my badge. The top ribbon is from the Seamstresses Guild Party, the second Loscon (obviously), and IIRC Pat's the one who gave me the British Tourist ribbon, for some weird reason or other - Vicky says it's to tell British Tourists not to shoot at me. :)