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Our topic for today is tornadoes!

I was over on Yahoo reading mail and noticed this interesting link in the "featured buzz" stack. Includes video of an approaching tornado and, as the thing leans over, we actually see bits of the inside of the column rotating. I then did some Googling on the subject, and found this National Geographic site with another tornado. Storm chasers left several probes in its path, mostly pressure sensors, but one "video" probe with seven cameras in it. Along came the tornado and ran right OVER the video probe. Wheeeeee.....


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Jun. 10th, 2009 08:48 am (UTC)
Ooh, Thanks for sharing. I was watching the Weather Channel on Friday when the tornado hit. 25 Minutes of full coverage. It is a scientists wet dream. Plus the tornado went over some of their probes too. They were Giggly with excitement. The fact that this was flat plains farm land with no houses, no towns, no one injured. Just sit and watch the awesomeness of Nature helped them enjoy it. Glad some of it made it to broadcast tv, it was a well earned bit of News.
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