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MORE cuteness...

Been reading baaaaabyanimals again... :) Baby horsie this time (and wait'll you see the sire...). Warning, lotsa pictures.

Meanwhile, I'm back from Califur. Didn't get many pictures, alas, but as soon as I can figure out how to display video from a camera I was holding sideways (to get maximum height), I'll see about posting the video I took of the Fursuit Parade if it's sufficiently viewable (I was inside and it was backlit so who knows....) Meanwhile, judging by the links turning up on the socalfurs mailing list, I suspect there are plenty of good pics up.

That was fun - didn't work the con this year so I could see how the other half lives; found it's probably more fun when I DO work the con, but getting to go see the art show three times before the auction was cool. fabula_umbrae led a couple of panels and did quite well, and I even got a chance to watch some of the film track. I gather there was the usual drama here and there (which I did not have to do or even KNOW anything about, heh heh...) but nothing drastic. There seems to have been quite a bit of fun there. 700 or so members this year! Things are looking up (and the hotel appears to have been a delight to work with).

And I'd better stop this and get off to Angie's List find a pool guy - the pump broke, the former service guy doesn't seem to have done anything about it and it's amazing how fast a pool can go green in the non-positive sense...