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If it's not one thing it's twelve others. Anyway, we're getting to where I really DO need to get a new refrigerator. I figured, hey, Vicky's moved out, I'll get a smaller one. Nope - turns out anything much under what I've got now is for people who are buying 12 to put into a motel, not one to actually USE at home... Last year when I checked around, everything was taller than the one I've got now (66 1/2 inches, roughly) to the point that I'd have to remove the cupboard over the refrigerator spot to make it fit. Forget that. Now they seem to have caught on about height as I found several decent ones actually SHORTER than my current one... but 5 inches deeper so that if I install one the refrigerator will stick out a bit past the edge of the kitchen door and block people. And this is for the smaller end of the range I gather; if I wanted a side-by-side style I'd have to saw off part of the kitchen counter to accommodate the width, remove the overhead cupboard AND have it block the kitchen door entirely. Somehow, I do not think I should have to remodel the kitchen every time I buy a new refrigerator. It's not like the space I've got now is particularly SMALL.


Oh well, at least if I find what I want, the prices for things in the vicinity suggest I'll probably be able to afford it.