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The year in first lines

Meme suggested by elisem. The first line of the first post for each month this year. I'm mildly amazed I've GOT a post for each month. Mostly I see that I seem to post links a LOT.

January - Put a post up over on my Scribblit Journal, with, to be sure, not much more content than this one but what the heck - after a few earlier bobbles I'm beginning to almost be able to count on the site being up when I want it.
[Link removed - the blogsite is now a)renamed to "Inksome" and b) located here.) KS]

February - Ten Things Environmentalists Need to Learn

March - I would appear to have the flu or something similar - one of the few things that gives me a fever, with the result that I've spent most of the last two days horizontal.

April - Vicky called me up today for a ride around collecting stuff (dye, gloves, black towels) so she and a friend could dye their hair green and purple, respectively.

May - It never ceases to amaze me how much trouble you can get from one little bitty tooth.

June - Inksome seems to be stable enough, so I'm starting to use my journal over there.

July - Posted the following over on Inksome.

August - The Exploratorium did live coverage of the recent total eclipse of the sun and have posted the program to their website here.

September - Here for the Gustav Bloggers, live from the Zipa datacenter in downtown New Orleans.

October - Someone with perhaps way too much time on their hands has created an... interesting batch of My Little Ponies and posted pictures on deviantART.

November - In Coburg, Germany Otto the Octopus takes up target practice, or why you don't want your octopus to get annoyed or bored... it does sound as though it might be kind to move his roommates.

December - Sapporo has finished brewing beer made from barley grown on the International Space Station a couple years back, and served it to various folks here.