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Whoops - shoulda posted this weeks ago

Sigh... I am an idiot. I didn't even THINK of posting this info back when it would have done some good. But it'll be helpful in a couple of years, so here goes.

The League of Women Voters page holds links to places where you can look up all the info you need on voting for your specific state. This includes polling places, absentee voting, early voting, when to register, how to register, how to become a poll worker etc.. In California, there's also a link to their Smart Voter site (which I'm putting here because it can be a little hard to find) where you can give your address and it displays everything that should be on your ballot from local to national. For that matter I've got a link to the latter on my website. I'm sure they have this in at least some other states as well.

All in all, this is a fantastic site, and a great start to researching things.