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A recent post of mine reminded me of how auspicious the name "Tom" seems to be in musicdom. Look at Tom Lehrer, the guy most of us grew up singing songs by and the rest joined in when we learned about him.

And then there's Tom Paxton, author of "Bottle of Wine", "Thank You, Republic Airlines", and... well I could keep this up indefinitely. If you're not familiar with his work, do the following:
a) go to his website.
b) find the download page, download, and listen to "How Beautiful Upon the Mountain"
c) download all the "short shelf life" songs below and listen to them.
d) when you stop laughing go back to the entry page and order an album or three.

Can't leave out Tom Smith, the World's Fastest Filker. See filkertom...

"307 Ale, me lads, 307 Ale
The finest drink that any bar's ever had for sale!"

um... where was I?

Tom Digby. Oh, yeah. Philosopher, poet, and filker. With a ring in his nose!

Other filking Toms out there feel free to wave - my memory lapses are not your fault :)

Now some of you out there know I'm a filker. OK, MOST of you out there know I'm a filker. Some of you doubtless also know I'm fond of the Harry Potter series, both original and expanded in weird and wonderful ways by fanfic writers. Put those facts together and you have some warning about what's behind the lj cut....

Hey, Tom!
By Kay Shapero
(I think the tune’s preexisting, but can’t recall the name of it at the moment…)

Chorus: Hey Tom Riddle, Ho Tom Riddle
What’cha doing, pard?
Time to give up Dark Lording
You were born to be a Bard.

Tom’s a name of music fame
Just ask Tom Paxton, do
He’ll sing of love and peace and share
A bottle of wine or two.


Let’s remember Tom height Smith
A wordsmith through and through
Fastest filker in the world
With 307 brew.


Tom Lehrer we should not forget
That would be hard, you know
We grew up singing his lyrics,
We Will All Go Together When We Go. (yes, it DOES fit if you cram it.)


And then there is Tom Digby
Philosopher and fan
Writer of off the wall filksongs
And poetry most grand.


Hey Tom Riddle, you might recruit
Harry Potter, if you ask
Form a goth punk heavy metal rock band
You don’t even need a mask!

Copyright Kay Shapero, October 2008